Andersons Bay Bowling Club Centennial 2017


The Andersons Bay Bowls & Croquet Club Ltd was incorporated in October 1917. On 1st November of that year, the company agreed to purchase land which included the present site of Andersons Bay Bowling Club Inc.

The Board and members of the Club intend to celebrate the centenary of the formation of its predecessor organisation at Labour Weekend in 2017, i.e. Friday 20th October to Monday 23rd October 2017.

The format of for the celebrations will be:-

           Registration and a social evening at the Clubhouse on Friday 20th.

           A Bowls tournament on Saturday 21st, followed by a Centenary Dinner at the Clubhouse.

           More social Bowls on Sunday 22nd, with an informal social evening at the Club.

           Leaving the Monday for out-of-town visitors to travel home.

Friends and former members of the Club who wish to be kept informed of the plans for the centenary celebrations are invited to register their interest with the Club’s Secretary by writing to the Club, or by communicating directly with:-

            Frank Robertson

            Phone (03) 454-5551


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