New Membership


The Club offers a range of membership options, to cater for the different needs people may have:-

Categories of Membership

Full Membership

Offers all the playing, activities, privileges and advantages that the club has to offer.

Student Membership

For a person who is 25 or under and enrolled in a full time course at school or tertiary institution. This offers the same entitlements as Full Membership at a reduced subscription rate.

Associate Membership

: Is for a Full Member of another club, who wishes to use the club’s facilities, and also take part in any internal club competition or tournament, but who cannot represent the club in any outside competition or match.

Social or Casual Membership

Is for a person who wishes to take part in the social and pavilion activities of the club, but not play bowls.

Current Subscription Rates

Full Membership $190.00 if paid my 31 October each year otherwise $200.00
Student Members $ 40.00
Associate Member $ 40.00
Social or Casual Member $ 25.00
First  Year Bowlers $100.00

Invitation and Contact

We welcome anyone wishing to enquire about membership, or to simply check what our club has to offer, to visit  or contact us  here or contact contact a club official  here.


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